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By doing a historical process, I found a new gesture | En faisant un processus historique, j’ai trouvé un nouveau geste.

I started this project while at DRAWinternational, in Caylus, France in the winter of 2013, using a pheasant provided by Aux Delices de Caylus.

Plucking the pheasant in the garden of the residency, I documented the awkwardness with which I enacted this (historically) common process. The gesture has formed the basis of my drawings since. It is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing project wherein the performance of a historic process initiates a drawing gesture.

In various exploratory drawings, I work the drawing using charcoal, eraser and graphite, relying on the gesture of plucking as a mark making strategy. Faisan as a project aims to merge the process (the doing—faisant) with the subject (the pheasant—faisan).

Faisan continues, components of the project can be seen in the following portfolios:

to pluck/déplumer (documentation of process)
documentation of sorting process
notation drawings
drawing in situ
drawings on paper



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