Curatorial – Beneath the Surface
Curatorial – Beneath the Surface
Curatorial – Beneath the Surface

10 October to 23 November, 2010
Katie Belcher and Ingrid Jenkner, curators
MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax, NS

The Nova Scotian artists Nancy Edell, Kim Morgan and Susan Wood share an interest in corporeal experience. In these works from the MSVU Collection, the artists present metaphors for the invisible, sometimes pathological processes at work within the body.

The exhibition includes a life-sized Dress (1991) drawing by Wood, in which the internal organs and skeleton are delicately rendered through the screen of an ethnic wedding dress. Edell’s hooked mats (1998-2001) reveal fanciful organisms occurring beneath the surfaces of body, earth and ocean, on the borderline that distinguishes what is biologically human from what is not. In Kim Morgan’s Corpulence (2009), chandelier-like clusters of test-tubes and glass slides with microscopic scans of human fat evoke the penetrating power of medical imaging technology as it is brought to bear on an obese
human subject.

Hooked mats, a dress and a light fixture: each fits into the feminized category of domestic objects that merge utility with decoration. In these works of art, women’s traditional concern with vulnerable bodies reaches out beyond the domestic and into the public sphere, to implicate the ideologies, behaviours and biological processes that place life in jeopardy.
I. Jenkner, from catalogue essay, “Introduction”

Katie Belcher & Ingrid Jenkner, curators
Financial support from Canada Council for the Arts is gratefully acknowledged.

Curatorial – Beneath the Surface

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