paper trials


Transverse pheasant drawing, 144 inches long. Currently researching how to get those roll marks out of the paper, if only for a moment’s documentation! This is why I moved to working on the wall. The joys of working within or beyond my “wingspan”, without the struggles of paper at that monumental scale.

I’ve learned here in Lunenburg, that the word, fathom refers to exactly that. The measurement I personally can manage fingers to fingers. From the Old English fæthm, it originally referred to an embrace. Then, to a unit of measurement based on outstretched arms, later standardized to six feet. Stay tuned, as I anticipate this working its way into the next gestural work.

Faisan/t, pheasant | doing
Fathom, measurement | understanding

Soon I’ll be working on a wall drawing at HERMES Gallery in Halifax. I do look forward to spending a more time with the drawing this time. When I finished In time’s furrows, in 2013, I left Belfast nearly immediately. It is hard to digest with only photos to refer to.


in the studio

As seasonal shoots are buried deeper beneath snow, now metres deep in places, for me this has already been such a fertile spring awakening. Already more than half-way through my time in Lunenburg, I feel like I’m unearthing a practice that was long buried beneath my artist-run centre work (which I still love) and daily life. These last two years have been valuable—I’ve written before about fallow periods—but now I’m experiencing the benefits of rich ground.

Here are some shots of me in the studio, taken by Susan Hudson, a Board member of the LSA. I’m still working on drawings with the pheasant gesture, which seems to have found its legs. I have some updates to share about a Lunenburg specific inspiration, but will post those once I’ve dug in.

DSC_0168_sized for web DSC_0177_sized for web

Lunenburg School of the Arts

I’m spending a rare three weeks (mostly) away from Eyelevel, working in a studio on the South Shore of Nova Scotia at the Lunenburg School of the Arts. The work is off to a good start. Drawings are pouring out of me, and though I hope to work on some new/old subject matter, the faisan gesture is proving to be a dramatic warm up.

I’m looking forward to spending the month with sun and wood beams in this expansive LSA_sized for web2 studio LSA_sized for web1


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