Ending the year with a gift

This past spring, a friend, Eric, commissioned a piece for his mother as a birthday gift, but, to my relief, he delayed the gifting until Christmas. I started the drawing in Spain, and finished it in Halifax, trying to find the time in the studio between deadlines at Eyelevel Gallery.

Considering her rural childhood, and love of sewing, my friend thought his mum would appreciate either one of my farm pieces, or a drawing of a sewing machine. Serendipitously, I was working at Can Serrat over the summer, where there happened to be a stunning antique sewing machine to draw from. I added a hint of sewn lines, vanishing into the distance like furrows, as a nod to a landscape she’d know well. I’m so glad to have had the push to take on this beautiful subject, and grateful Eric’s support of my work.

I started 2013 drawing in Belfast with all of my energy, and ended the year stewarding Eyelevel as we took on some major shifts. As work at Eyelevel calms down, I plan to start the new year with more time spent drawing. I’ve carved a good chunk of time in my schedule to spend in the studio. My fingers are itching, and my paper (walls), charcoal and erasers are waiting. All is in place, and I am ready to get going. Here’s to 2014 spent drawing and running an artist-run centre…somehow!

Exhibition at NNEX Gallery

Farm collapsingFarm collapsing 2
Since November, two of my drawings have been on view at NNEX Gallery (Fredericton, New Brunswick), Connexion ARC’s offsite project space. I’m glad to have a chance to travel to see the exhibition and give a talk in January. Read below:

“Connexion is excited to exhibit new work by Fredericton artist Joss Richer at the NNEX Gallery, alongside a new body of work by Halifax-based artist Katie Belcher.

Belcher’s ‘Farm Collapsing,’ in the gallery’s east wing, was developed during a residencies in Paris and in rural Spain in 2013. Using a repeated drawing and erasing process, these large-scale drawings enact the build up and erosion of memory.

In the west wing of the gallery, Richer’s ‘Esquisses’ project furthers his exploration of reductive, time-based processes. Adding and subsequently wearing away material from each surface – also asking his drawings to ‘fend for themselves’ out in the cold winter rain – each object opens up a different point of departure.

The exhibition will run from November 21, 2013 – January 14, 2014. Please join us for a closing reception on Friday, January 10, from 5 – 6:45 PM.

NNEX Gallery is Connexion’s off-site project space, located in The Fredericton Playhouse at 686 Queen Street, in downtown Fredericton.

Exhibitions are made possible through the support of The Fredericton Playhouse, The Province of New Brunswick, and the Canada Council for the Arts.”

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