New curatorial project: Soft

Ingrid Jenkner (Director/Curator, MSVU Art Gallery) and I are working on a new curatorial project: Soft, an exhibition of work from the Mount Saint Vincent University Permanent Collection. We’re in the middle of writing texts for the catalogue and determining the layout for the exhibition. Read the exhibition synopsis:

A selection of works from the Mount Saint Vincent Permanent Collection presents soft forms in a variety of media. The exhibition showcases acquisitions from the past decade while exploring affinities between the works. Soft includes fine embroidery by Anna Torma, Colette Whiten’s beaded wall hanging, playful textiles by Gary Markle and a continuously softening sculpture by Ronda Wheppler and Trevor Mahovsky. Each in their own ways, the works resist rigidity—some through their soft material and others in their surrender to gravity.

This will be the fourth exhibition that Ingrid and I have co-curated at MSVU Art Gallery. The others are visible on my site: Somewhere along the line (2009), Beneath the Surface (2010) and Dirt, Detritus and Vermin (2011). You can also visit for more information about all of these exhibitions or to order exhibition catalogues.

View the exhibition information here.

Nova Scotia Art Bank Purchase

I’m pleased to announce that Barn owl has been selected for purchase by the Nova Scotia Art Bank. I’m very excited to have my work included in this public collection. I especially like that this work in particular was chosen, as it was drawn from a study skin in the Museum of Natural History in Halifax. The bulk of the drawing for this piece was done at MSVU Art Gallery. I had been between studios, and my boss was kind enough to let me use the gallery (during a few weeks of downtime) to complete this and Luthier’s form. It seems appropriate that it stay in the city!

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