Field Work at Line Gallery

Newest drawing, done specifically for an exhibition at Line Gallery (North Bay, ON). This has been in the works for a year, at least in my mind’s work. It is a traditional German head yoke, as used with oxen (commonly used in the German populated South and Southwest parts of Nova Scotia). I’d like to draw and redraw this form as I find it unexpectedly relates to my bird drawings. I do need a bigger space if I’m going to continue with this one though, as it is approximately 250cm long! Please see the evite below regarding my exhibition Field Work at Line Gallery, which is open as of today.

Can Serrat

My residency at Can Serrat International Art Centre was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to someday head back to that paradise at the foot of the mountain. While I was there I kept a blog of some of my experiences. There is far too much to describe here.

Photo of Katie by Joe Spencer

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