The Archive

My exhibition, The Archive, opens at ARTsPLACE artist-run centre on the 4th of April. I’m very excited to see it all come together. Sophie Pilipczuk wrote an excellent essay for the catalogue. Sophie Paskins designed this fabulous poster. All in all, I’m feeling pretty good. Everything is almost finished. I’ll post images of the exhibition when I have them.

A few updates

Just a few updates for the coming months.

The Archive opens soon at ARTsPLACE. The drawings are finished and documented, the catalogue is in production. It has been a long time coming, and I’m anxious to see it come together. The show is on view 4 April to 9 May 2010.

This exhibition will then be shipped to Gallery Vertigo, in Vernon, BC and will be on view there from 25 May to 12 June 2010. While in Vernon, I will be drawing on-site at the Vernon Public Art Gallery from 22 May to 29 May 2010. There will be a public preview and opening on 27 May. The wall drawing, Housescape, will be on view to 29 July 2010.

The VANS-in-residence program has been delayed until Fall 2010 due to the unexpected (temporary) closure of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Western Branch, in Yarmouth, NS. Understandably, though they tired, VANS couldn’t arrange a new venue in time to do the program when it was scheduled. We have however developed a bit of buzz in the community by searching for a space, so I think the schools will be happy to have me come in when we do begin the program in the fall. I’ll post news about the location when it is determined.

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